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高校生〝整える〟をはじめよう。Let's start to yoga for teenagers














After the lesson, I was amazed with the students because they relaxed. I felt it by being around them.

I learned the power of yoga at that time.

It is awesome that the students get to take Mio’s yoga lesson.

One thing I loved about her class is, when the class just started, she told us “Close your eyes and follow my instruction. You should focus on your movement. There’s no need to worry about if you’re doing right or wrong. If you’re doing it the wrong way, I’ll come by and tell you.” I think it is a great way to start because I am the kind of person who looks around and sees whether I do it right or not, which prevents me from doing things with all I have. I tend to hesitate in public. Therefore you’ll never know how much I appreciated the way she did.

I am impressed that the head of the club team decided to take yoga into the club team. I love how they are open minded. I wish I were a member of this team so I could take her class.

I strongly believe that Japanese students need to take yoga classes for their sake. I remember being a student was tough as I was packed with things to do all the time. Thus I was stressed out constantly. They go to school, do extracurricular after school, then go to cram school, come home and do homework and so forth. They don’t have time to take a moment, relax, and empty their mind. At one point I knew about meditation, and my life became so much better after that. Doing meditation releases me from all the stress, and I can come back to right here and now. It is life changing. Doing yoga is the same thing. That is why, I strongly recommend students to do yoga. It transforms you both inside and out. It is such a blessing that they get to take her class, even once a month. It is absolutely worth it. You get to know how great doing yoga is by YOU doing it, but I understand that you get reluctant to take a step forward and say “ok, I am going to take yoga class,” until you experience it, consequently it is a great opportunity for the students that they get to take Mio’s class at school.


アシスタント MANA/assistant 東京都出身/神戸在住



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